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End Worry and Worrying
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End Worry and Worrying.
Worry and worrying are two widespread problems in today's world, I have known people who seem to take pride in it. It can be a good thing as it does bring to mind things that may need your attention and you may have to deal with.

It tends to be an emotion, some call it anxiety or concern over a
real or imaginary issue, if it is over a real possible problem, then just take the necessary action to fix the problem and deal with it. However, many people avoid doing this due to secondry gain and forms of self-sabotage.

Becoming aware of these and dealing with the issue and resolving them will remove your worries.

If your worry is over a theoretical possibility or something you have no control over then, it is just merely self-indulgence and a waste of time. Learn how to stop doing it, it is not that difficult. You will no longer be someone who makes themselves sick through worry.

Worry and worrying are not always harmful, as previously mentioned, if it is about a real issue, then it will get you to take precautions like locking your doors and windows, put your seatbelt on, buy a few fire alarms, all good stuff. It can also get you to avoid possible risky behaviour and make sensible lifestyle choices.

Many stoic practices use negative visualisation, without the emotional responses to analyse and protect or reduce the effects if the event does happen.

But what happens if you are not up to speed on this and things go wrong? What happens if you keep worrying, but don't do anything about it?

Many people cause themselves problems by doing this, and it can be easily fixed, once you understand that you and only you are responsible for what you think, and feel. If thoughts keep going round and round in your mind, well it's your mind. You may well have to learn some simple techniques to change this situation and have a more pleasant life.

This is something that you can quickly learn to do and will have a huge knock-on effect in other parts of your life. As you gain more control, fewer things cause you stress and anxiety, and you become more relaxed and confident.

Give me a call when you have decided that you want to end worrying.

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