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Problems are getting to sleep, try this.
Progressive Physical Relaxation with a Twist.

Progressive Physical Relaxation with a Twist.
You may already know about this technique it is an old way to develop the awareness and skills you will need to begin to learn how to practice deep profound physical relaxation to help you with sleep.

Very few people can usually relax what they think, or feel is just dropping down to a lower level of tension. However even this is a nice improvement, so go for it. Learn and practice progressive relaxation.

You will sleep more comfortable, feel better and have much more energy in your life, all of these are positive benefits. When you add mental and emotional relaxation in you, get some genuinely magical results.

What I would like to suggest once you have the basics, is two things and they are beneficial if you need to get to sleep quickly.

The first is to change the word relax to soften, this is something that I picked up from Dr Richard Bandler, as he pointed out relax does not sound very relaxing, and if you have ever attempted to relax and failed, your subconscious mind will take into this state all your past memories good or bad.

So lets "create a new state free from all past negative conditioning", that we can develop and make what the hell we want. So soften your body allow all tension to dissolve away, as your awareness expands now, to a point where you begin now too - you get the idea.

The second is something that I stumbled upon a few years back when I was falling asleep and noticed that many parts of my body were still holding on to muscle tension, boy was that a wake-up call for me.

Even though I was almost asleep I had not relaxed many of the muscles in my body, I was falling asleep due to the mental and emotional relaxation, not the physical. So I began to play with a technique that I found when learning some "Feldenkrais Techniques".

So I began to ask my self, "Ok, if I did know where I am, at the moment holding tension, where would it be and how can I let go and fall asleep easily?"

Those of you who are switched on, or in the know, will have picked up, that the last statements are also using other powerful techniques, that make it a lot easier to get your own mind to help you get the results you are after and have maybe learnt to "program that amazing computer between your ears"

"Embedded Commands", "Post Hypnotic Suggestions" and "Presuppositions" and I was directing my "subconscious control mind" to do a "Transderivational Search".

To get me the results I wanted. Use everything you know to make life easier. The answers started to come in, and for a while, I played with my own body and awareness. Letting go of this and that bit of muscular tension and started to notice something.

"If I could let go now how would I do this?"
"A cute answer came back.

"If you wanted to soften more, and become more comfortable, and remain conscious, as I know you now want to play, now, what part of your body would you change? What could you shift or move to become more comfortable?"

What I discovered has made some profound changes in my life, I found that often during the day or night we do create unnecessary tension, now I have installed a "little program to remove tension" that alerts me, many times a day when it has done a scan and noticed that I am holding tension in my body. Duncan McColl also places this suggestion into you on many of his amazing recordings. Sorry, Duncan for a while I missed that.

I know, when I go to bed to sleep, I run through this little drill and discover how I can become more comfortable and allow the process of going to sleep faster and easier. It only takes a few seconds with practice.

" if you don't do the drills you don't get the skills" as another wise old master still says.

So, I trust I have got you excited as to many of the possibilities open to you, and if you have had problems falling asleep, in the past, you can now make this a lot more fun and easier to do. The technical terms are included to get the search engines and you to explore other possibilities and outcomes. Enjoy and practice. It is really easier than in the past, you thought.
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