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Doctor Who Time Lord.
Are you a time lord?

This might seem like a silly question even to fans of Dr Who, and many of them wish that they were. Coming from Gallifrey and having the Tardis to take them to other times and dimensions so that they can have a variety of weird and wonderful adventures. But as we know, the Dr also has dangers to face, and it is risky especially for his companions who cannot regenerate.

But are you a time lord or at least behaving like one, like the doctor? Please give me a few moments of your time to explain why you may be living like a time lord.

Often, in fact, most of the time clients tell me that they are nervous, worried or in fear of the future. They have anxiety attacks over things that have not happened sometimes ending up in the hospital because they thought they had a heart attack.

They have insomnia and sleepless nights get all stressed out and often will snap at their partners and kids making everyone life hell as well as their own.

They get upset and start to cry as they are telling me this all while sitting on my sofa. In the real world, none of this is happening. No monsters. So what is going on how can someone do this to themselves?

They have bypassed their intelligence and to there subconscious mind all this is happening now. In effect, they have put themselves into a negative self-hypnotic trance and turned off their critical factor.

It is a bit like being on stage with a hypnotist the only thing is they are the hypnotist. So from our point of view let me explain it in a way that the time lord client will understand.

So while sitting on my sofa, you decided to go inside the Tardis and travel into a future that at the moment does not exist. May never exist. That you are creating in your own mind.
The answer has to be yes.

You now choice to go, either consciously or due to habit or your subconscious programming into this future to a time and place when bad things will might to you, and you may get hurt or scared?
You experience all this fear and anxiety about things going wrong all this pain and feel it for real. You then get back into the Tardis and travel back to today with the actual memory of all this going to take place. Even though it is not happening to you in the real world while sitting on my sofa?

Have you ever considered what you would have to do to prevent all this from happening if it is in a possible future or past that does not exist? How you could behave differently and what you could learn?

It is often at this point that the light goes on and they begin to understand part of what they have been doing and see a way out of this situation. If you watch Doctor who you get hints that he also goes to beautiful places when Rose was with him she told of some of them.

It is excellent playing the doctor, however, remember that you can go to beautiful, magnificent times and places so that you can sit on your sofa and feel more loved and confident that you have ever dreamed of.

You can go into these imaginary worlds and possible futures to times that are glorious and come back with memories that empower you and uplift you and allow you to know it will be glorious.

However, that is another stage of hypnosis and self-discovery that few ever want to learn.

Why? Because it means excepting personal responsibility for your self for your actions and being accountable for your life, what you do and what you say and no blame to others. It also means that you have to control and train your subconscious mind to avoid scaring the s**t out of you.

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