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Stress suppresses your immune system.

You already know that stress makes you dumb and takes away your ability to think clearly. You have all the experience you need to know that you become highly emotional often irrational and have said and done dumb things to your self and others.

When you enter your stress state, you begin to activate the fight, flight or freeze mode for a real or imagined threat to your survival.

Often these days it is an imaginary threat to you. Someone behaves in a way you do not like or disagrees with you in some way, it might be your boss or just feelings of your current inability to continue. Concerns about maintaining you image and ego. The current economic situation causes many to feel insecure about the future.

So many of the things that can cause this in your life you do have the ability to deal with, if you took action, however, if you feel unable or unwilling to do this then you may be in the freeze mode. In this state, you literally freeze in that state. So it can continue for days, or weeks, or months even years. Just imagine what this does to you.

When you are in this fight, freeze or run state which is a survival mode, your body does some exciting things. Nature wants to give you all the energy you need to survive, and just like on "star trek" when they are under attack and need more power to the shields, power can be diverted from other systems to make the guards stronger. Your body does the same thing.

Your immune system takes a lot of energy to run, you know how tired you feel if you are fighting off an infection well part of the reason is that your immune system is using so much energy.

The average human body contains around fifty trillion cells each of which has to be monitored, controlled, it needs food, has to be cleaned, repaired and have its toxins removed.

When its life is over it will also need to be destroyed, the parts that can be recycled are, and the rest needs to be got rid off. You also have an immune system in your body, designed to fight off invading cells, infections and protect you in the world. That takes a hell of a lot of energy.

So under stress when you fight, flight or run system is activated, it diverts energy away from this system, you do not need it at the moment. If you survive, then it will be turned back on.

So just imagine what happens after weeks or years of this. One of the things that this stress response does is to pull blood away from the organs that are not needed for you to survive. This includes your digestion and absorption of nutrients so your metabolism will slow down or shut down, the same will happen to your sex life and reproductive system.

In today's world with all the pressures and
responsibilities we choose to take on unless we have learnt the necessary skills in stress management and learnt how to use our mind and body, these natural stress responses can stay switched on for years, and that is something it, or we were never designed to do.

This is an excellent system for handling acute stress and has worked for a few million years. However it was not intended to work with a conscious mind that makes things up, it was not designed to stay switched on.

Remember what I said earlier about real or imagined threats to you. Guilt, worry,
fear and anxiety are all within your control, you can learn to turn them down or off, it is just a skill like anything else and a skill you can learn.

Our conscious mind causes many problems because we have not discovered how to use it and it is not a matter of intelligence. Many of my clients have a degree some several and operate complex businesses or several of them.

Learning how to handle the effects of negative thoughts and reducing your survival instincts when they are activated to imaginary threats will significantly increase your health and happiness.

That is why all these emotions will suppress your immune system and may lead to illness or possible disease. It is almost as if the system was and is designed for a world that we no longer live in.

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