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The Fear of Success.

Many people have this fear, they are afraid of being successful and achieve something that is important to them.

Some are open about it and honestly admit that they are afraid of success, some at a conscious level any way say they are working towards being successful, some make it most do not.

So what is the big difference between those who are and those who are not?

The most common difference between wealthy successful people ( if wealth is in your definition ) and the rest of the world is there thinking behaviours, beliefs and attitudes. Driving all these are the Emotions.

That is what makes the difference between success and failure?

First off you have to know what success means to you. We are raised with other peoples ideas of achievement and along the way are
conditioned to there standards and definitions.

We are motivated to want more and to attempt to increase our assets continually. Have you ever considered who this benefits and why this is conditioned into us?

So it makes a lot of sense if you want to be successful in having all your beliefs, habits and attitudes lined up with your actions and to know what or who drives you.

It never ceases to amaze me when I see clients that they have not done this.

Once you have done this, you may discover that you have many pangs and twitches and fears and anxieties about your goals. Good.

Some of these are real, and some are the result of old conditioned thinking and programming. Now it's your job to work out which is which.

Conscious Hypnosis and NLP/EFT really are useful; these technologies give us the means to change fast and develop flexibility of belief and attitude. Instead of your old self-hypnotic trance, you can choose a new and more wealthy trance.

Let's take a look at belief, it is not real, yet you will move through your world as if it is, your options will be coloured by this fictitious thing, in hypnosis and NLP we regally change beliefs and attitudes to get a more beneficial reality. You can learn to do the same.

Successful people have habits and attitudes that most people do not have, and again you can learn to do the same and increase your effectiveness in whatever area of life you are currently working on.

And forget about working hard.
The successful work smart. Yet another possible mistaken belief. The 80/20 rule shows us that eighty per cent of all our actions achieve very little, yet we are told to work harder.

If only twenty per cent of our actions get the most significant result, why not concentrate on these?

The most significant problem with a fear of success can be at a subconscious level of mind; often your unconscious mind will believe something opposite to what you consciously think, and when this happens your subconscious wins, always.

Often emotions and fear stand between success and failure, and being able to control your emotions will allow you to make better decisions, so that you can look at the risks and assess the information logically.

I usually increase the sales and incomes of my clients by working with this area of there minds. So that they become congruent. You can do the same.
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What does success mean to you? Find out.

So if you have been struggling for some time to be a success and feeling victorious, you may have a subconscious glitch, or it could be that your actions are not lined up with your thoughts.

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