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Stuttering and Stammering
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Stuttering and Stammering.
This is a speech disorder and effects your natural flow of speech. Your communication with others is meant to be comfortable, but people with this problem need some help to allow this natural, free-flowing speech to return.

Often symptoms such as excessive eye blinking tremors and facial tension accompany the stuttering, and this can lead to embarrassment and lack of confidence, and they may develop social anxiety, so it is not uncommon for people to become isolated and withdrawn.

Who it effects?
It affects people of all ages backgrounds and levels of intelligence, and it is estimated that over three million people have this problem in the USA alone. It occurs most common in younger children between the ages of 2 to 6 as they are developing language skills in their life and most just get over it.

Many have gone on to overcompensate for their problems and become professional communicators such as.

* James Earl Jones
* Winston Churchill
* Marilyn Monroe
* Carly Simon
* Bruce Willis
* Mel Tillis
* Jimmy Stewart

So it does not have to be something that you keep for the rest of your life. You can remove this habit from your life. You can start today
E-mail me if you have problems talking on the phone, or order a self-hypnosis recording from this site and begin to remove this from your life. I will help you to do this.

So what causes it in people?
At a young age, a child while learning to communicate will often make mistakes as with any skill we are learning to master. This developmental stuttering is usually, and the problem is removed from the child's life.

Another form is neurogenic stuttering and stammering This is where there is a problem with the signals getting through to the nerves and muscles involved in speech and is usually the result of injury or diseases, it often happens after a stroke.

The most common form of this problem in adults involves the
subconscious control levels of their own minds, and this is the area that hypnosis will help you with.

Most of your life you are on
auto-pilot and this area of you controls this, it handles all your responses, habits, behaviours and how you live your life.

Hypnosis and NLP along with EFT are advantageous techniques for removing stuttering and stammering in your life.

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