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Stress Could be Causing Your Insomnia
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If you go to bed at night, all stressed out and tried to get to sleep you may have experienced or are experiencing a widespread problem, not being able to get to sleep.

If you think about your problems when you go to bed and mull things over, you will, unless you have specific skills cause yourself a few glitches, now is not the time to think about your financial problems, work problems or relationship difficulties.

If you do this your subconscious mind may well send you into a fight freeze or run away response, you will fire up some beautiful areas of your brain, that is not designed to be used when trying to get to sleep.

These thoughts will be stimulating, instead of relaxing your "sleeper cells" and yes you do have them, in your suprachiasmatic nucleus in your brain.

If you are causing stress over money, your income, problems at work, relationship conflict with family, partners or friends, or have other things you are not dealing with, then you may cause yourself insomnia, all that self-induced worry and anxiety will keep you awake.

Setting aside time during the day to ponder, think and get creative to fix your issues and take action to sort out these other difficulties. To fix what you can fix and those things that you have no control over, well there is nothing you can do, so it is pointless to think about them.

You're not alone! According to the American Journal of Managed Care, almost half of respondents (46%) experience some form of insomnia, either problem getting to sleep, or difficulties staying asleep, or insomnia so severe that it messes up the day and reduces efficiency. It will often show it's self with you becoming over emotional and aggressive with yourself or others.

Your mental, emotional and physical health all are dependent on proper sleep, so often these will suffer when you experience insomnia. It can affect you in many ways, and unless you do something about it, and make some changes, it may stay with you and continue to mess up your life.

The good news is that all these symptoms are just signals from your own mind that there are a few things that need your attention, a few things that you must deal with, fix the problems and the stress and insomnia will go away. Isn't that great? This is something that you can fix.

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