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Stress and Health.

Stress Facts:
The relationship between stress and illness is a real medical threat.
Stress causes cholesterol to rise as much or more than does a diet.
Coronary obstruction can be reversed by diet, exercise and mind (stress) control.

Studies have shown an active link between stress and increases in immune system disorders and cancer.

Metabolic fluctuations and a person's ability to control weight are greatly influenced by stress. Over the years I have found that some people keep their weight on no matter what they do.
Until they deal with there stress and resolve some underlying problem

Stress is a learned response and can be reduced through meditation, NLP, self-hypnosis, hypnosis, yoga and other types of mental exercises.

Is Stress a Normal Part of Life?
Yes in a biological or physiological sense you have the built-in ability to deal with stress or the reaction to events. There are two ways your body can react to stress:

Acute Alarm Reaction: This is the fight or flight. It can help you in a time of extreme emergency when you are physically threatened. This is a healthy function of the body. It can save your life. You may also get an Adeline dump. Your heart pumps faster, blood gets to all parts of the body more quickly, and with greater force, your blood pressure elevates, your lungs respond by delivering more oxygen to your muscle tissues (your breathing is more rapid), you become prepared for the need to move.

Simultaneously your brain begins to stimulate powerful adrenaline-like chemicals, so you have the option of confronting the danger (fighting back) or taking off. Whether it was facing a large animal in the jungle or avoiding a speeding car, this ability to fight or flee has been the backbone of our ability to survive as a species. So, needless to say, it is quite natural and quite needed.

Sustained Vigilance: This is the way the body prepares for a long-term challenge. In the past, we needed to cope with some very extreme circumstances. Among them were climatic catastrophes, depletion of resources or any type of long-term struggle. Life was harder.

Vigilance is the biological response to the loss of control. In our modern world, sustained vigilance is the most adverse physiological condition we can put our body through.

During this condition of vigilance, your brain stimulates the release of another powerful chemical, cortisol. This allows your blood pressure to rise slowly and steadily, you retain vital chemicals such as sodium (salt), your metabolism slows down, gastric acid increases to maximise the calories you get from food.

High energy fats and blood clotting agents are released into your bloodstream, energy is diverted from your immune system and "nonessential" such as sex hormones, are dramatically suppressed. Your body is prepared for the long haul.

You are not usually faced with a wild animal attacking you, today it might be a stressful situation at home or work.

It is estimated that 80% of all medical complaints are stress related.
60% of all diseases are related to lifestyle.

High-Stress levels are linked to heart disease, heart attacks, strokes and suicides.

Stress is intimately connected with anxiety and panic attacks. Hypnotherapists are playing an increasing role in general health care and the control and inoculation against stress.

It is estimated that more than 75% of modern day illnesses are stress induced. Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has an important role to play in reducing stress and teaching you to make significant changes in your body chemistry.

It is, in fact, the most effective method there is. As your brain creates stress, your mind can change your responses to pressure.

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