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Help with Self Esteem Issues?

Self-esteem (SE) is the opinion you have of yourself. It is based on your attitudes, beliefs, mental habits and your subconscious programming about you. All it really is is what you tell your self about who you are and what you have decided to believe.

Over the last 20 years or so it has become very apparent that in all cases of this issue it is the person's
internal dialogue and their relative thinking patterns along with the subconscious control level of minds programs that are causing this very painful and harmful pattern of behaviour.

It has become an
automatic process with you that you may have thought you have no control over and at the moment that may well be true. However, you learnt to do it sometime in your past so you can unlearn this habit and I will help you to do this. At the moment fear is the only thing holding you back.

All you have to do is call me and book your self in for a
consultation, and you can begin to make it a thing of your past.

And you can change all of these areas of your life that have been limiting you in your past. You can improve your levels of self-esteem. All you need is the knowledge and skills to do this, and someone skilled in working with you.

Your levels of confidence effects all areas of your life, when you have higher levels you will experience greater joy and happiness in all of your life and those around you will benefit as well.

You will be highly motivated and have the right attitude to succeed in life. Feeling this way is therefore crucial to you and is a cornerstone of you improving the quality of your life. And the lives of those you care about.

subconscious mind is also responsible for your levels of self-esteem and learning what habits and beliefs your unconscious mind is running is one of the fastest ways to change how you feel. This area of your brain may want other things to what you consciously think, and this is the cause of many problems in life. It’s called subconscious incongruence, Self Sabotage or mind farts.

You now have the chance to break the cycle of ignorance and misunderstanding that has caused untold emotional pain and suffering down the years. Through parental neurosis.

Think about it.

Self Esteem and Confidence MP3 £15.00
Self Hypnosis Download.

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