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Problems With Premature Ejaculation
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Most men at some time in their lives will have a problem with premature ejaculation also known as rapid ejaculation, or by its Latin name ejaculatio praecox and with a playful attitude and understanding on both parts it usually does not cause any long-term problems in a relationship.

If it lasts then a whole series of events unfolds and the guy is in serious trouble. Let's go back to the beginning. When a relationship starts, or you are just having casual sex then the attraction is entirely sexual, you may never see them again and if you play this game then for you it is not a problem as long as you do not mind the reputation of being no good in bed.

Guys and women do talk and tell their friends about there sex life and the emotional problems they are having, and in time many women go elsewhere for their pleasure, just as you would.

The excitement of the first encounter can lead many men to come quickly, part of this may go back to childhood I recently helped a man where this was the problem. Other men also develop this problem if they use many prostitutes you usually only get thirty minutes to pay, get undressed enjoy yourself, get dressed, say thank you and leave.

In our youth when we masturbate, we have quickies and come fast before we get caught, and there may be a survival aspect to this still running from the past. If you come quick, you have less chance of being eaten by a lion or mum catching you doing it. But that was a long time ago.

For many men, premature ejaculation is a personal hell that they live through each day eroding their
self-confidence, esteem and eating away at the very fibre of their being. Causing great distress not just for them but also their wives and partners. Many relationships end because of this one issue in their lives.

It does not have to be you. I am a therapist in Leamington Spa Warwickshire UK who has helped many men with this problem and women who were involved with a partner who had it. Yes, women go to therapists because their partners have this problem and they desire help to bring back sexual satisfaction into their lives.

So what is PE? Well, basically you cannot control when you come. You can not yet delay. You can learn how to do this. Now how long is long enough depends on the lady, you are with, but basically, it is down to how you think and feel.

How do I know this? Because millions of men do not have your problem so they must be doing something you are not. I also have many years of helping guys with this issue. At times I have also experienced premature ejaculation myself.

So what cause it? Well, usually it is not a medical condition, so that leaves the fact that up until now you have just not learnt how to control your emotions, thinking and feelings when having sex. It all takes place between your ears, and that is my area of expertise.

Anxiety and stress are two of the biggest reasons for PE that is why I recommended you to
download the stress MP3 when you reduce these two factors often the problem goes as well. Talking with your partner and letting them know that you are doing something about it and that it will soon be gone will help your partner's emotional turmoil.

If you would like help with premature ejaculation to call me and book yourself in for a

I operate in Leamington Spa Warwickshire UK and will be able to help you using a mixture of hypnosis, NLP and EFT to overcome this issue so that you and your partner can become closer.

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