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Pay The Price.
How to get what you want.

Often I get people ring me up, or even get to the consultation stage who are after a quick fix. Now, that's OK because many of the simple things they want can be fixed quickly, and with a little effort on their part in accepting active responsibility for the life, they have created.

Often that involves a couple of sessions, sleeping to an excellent self-hypnosis recording, forget the others they usually don’t work, and every day doing a few simple drills. As a wise man said, “if you don’t do the drills, you don’t get the skills.”

Most, if not all of the glitches I encounter are caused because people do not know, or if they do it, they have chosen to wish it was otherwise. A few simple truth’s and once they are explained and understood by the client life becomes far more fun.

We have diseases running rampant across the planet that seem to effect a lot of people who desire change. We also have many self-imposed illnesses that were almost actively sought out.

I am not responsible. This is caused partly by people who expect someone else to be accountable for their life, and emotions and make decisions and choices for them, and they also refuse to
accept responsibility for who they are, and what they do and even who they have to become.

Something for nothing. Caught by people who think and feel that they can take out more than they put in, they want all the rewards and results without learning and doing stuff.

They don’t want to pay the price. Sometimes this is valid; I have no desire to learn to be a dentist to fix my teeth. However, I do have to pay the dentist and the staff for all the years, the time, effort and money that they have invested in getting the skills to help me.

The quick fix. Contracted by people who always want a quick way to reach their goals. They are after a fast way to fix something that often has taken months or years to develop.

This is not to be confused with someone who wants a better way to achieve a result, or a faster more effective way to do something, that’s smart. This problem seems to inflict people who want to fix relationships, gain control of their weight and people who want to become successful or wealthy.

They often never reach the goals even after years of trying, yet if they had avoided this disease and done what was necessary they would often have achieved their goal.

In life, apart from a few rare individuals. Who god, nature or the universe has blessed, or lady luck has smiled upon them. If we want something we have to do what is necessary to get it, now, that often begins at looking where we are now, where we want to be and what is required to get there.

Then we have to pay the price.

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