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Panic Attacks
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Panic Attacks have been traditionally called “something inside your self, but outside your control.”

This view seems to suggest that you have no control of your control levels of mind, your
subconscious. The panic comes from this area of mind as do all your emotions, and yet most people mistakenly believe that these are not in there control. This is not true.

To the best of my knowledge no one has died from a panic attack, so you will probably be fine if uncomfortable for a short while. Until you regain control and change your state.

This is how 1 in 75 people live their lives each and every day.
The condition is common amongst adults and children. However, there is a way to remove them from your life and put you more in control so that they are something that no longer effects and limits your life.

* Do you suffer from any of these symptoms?
* Racing heart
* Feelings of terror
* Dizziness, light-headed or nausea
* Trembling and sweating
* Choking feelings chest pains
* Difficulty in breathing
* Hot flashes or sudden chills
* Fear that you're going to go crazy or are about to die

Any of the above symptoms can be experienced during or just before a panic or anxiety attack and some people even get admitted into the hospital because they think that they have a heart attack.

Many people with panic indulge in situation avoidance and will develop
habits and behaviours that will allow them to believe that they are in control of the situation, and then justify the actions at the conscious level. Yet the results are that they are depriving themselves of much of their lives and affecting the lives of those around them.

What Causes Panic Attacks?
The attacks are generated at you subconscious level of mind. They are anxieties that your unconscious mind has, things that it believes, so it is doing an excellent job of getting you to avoid a situation.

So any effective change will need to take place in this area of the mind, and these changes can be made using hypnosis, self-hypnotic techniques, NLP or EFT all are very effective at removing your problem.

There is no longer any need for you to continue to put up with the
stress, anxiety and worry about your anxiety attacks. You can remove them.
Let's just look at the situation for a minute. Suddenly out of nowhere, you get the most distressing feelings, your heart beats fast, maybe you hear it.
You might feel faint and feel that you are going to lose control. You sweat, and your breathing becomes faster. What a state to be in, yet it is just a state.

So How Do I Remove and Stop The Attacks?
Hypnosis is beneficial in the removal of Panic Attacks. You will also learn
self-hypnosis so that you may continue to develop and use the techniques for the rest of your life.

What Can I Do?
OK, realise that there are ways for you to remove this problem, as a mature adult only you can decide to take action to eliminate this problem from your life. The first thing you need to do is decide that you want to control. It will cost you time to practice and get outside your
comfort zones for a short time.

One of the first things to realise is that you do have control over your breathing. Breathing is one of the ways that you gain control over your self, it is almost as if when you slow your breathing down and breath as nature intended, low in your abdomen, it signals a desire to relax.

So chose to breath slow and deep to behind your belly button, as you do so your abdomen will extend, do this well and your back and sides will also.

Slow down the
voices in your mind. Tell your selves that you are beginning to grow calmer. Want it to happen, expect it to happen, then get out of your own way and let it happen. Your brain gives you more of what you focus on. So focus on being calm.

Panic is just that panic. When you centre and understand that you can learn how to control your responses and how you feel, you will gain a greater sense of power in your life instead of the irrational way it was.

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