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Past Life Regression and Therapy
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Do You Feel You Have Lived Before?
Past life regression and therapy have long been associated with hypnosis and hypnotherapy these days we even have hypnotists who specialise in this form of work, and they do an excellent job with allowing clients to gain greater insight into their lives, this one and others.

Do you feel that you have lived before? Are you curious about your past? Experience feelings and flashbacks when you visit historical places? Do you believe in reincarnation?

If you do you are not alone over 75% of people, do believe they have lived before.

"The most expensive possession you can have is a closed mind. It will cost you all your life?. Ross Jeffries

If you believe that death is not the end of you or have beliefs in other lifetimes, then it may be worth your while exploring this fantastic area of your own mind. Some of the insights that you gain are very worthwhile, and often the experiences are life-changing. Past life regression can be a valuable therapeutic tool in healing

Clients have had phobias, anxiety's, worry and fears vanish after a session and some have even had physical problems disappear after remembering something that may have happened in a previous existence. Let's Begin your Adventures.

I after one session found that a pain in my shoulder that I had been having problems with for some years went. Another time my fear of rats disappeared, which was great because that morning my youngest son had said he wanted pet rats. So I had to fix this problem within me. That afternoon we went to the pet shop and bought two pet rats for my son.

I have experienced over sixty possible lifetimes, so I do have the experience to guide you along the same adventure. In fact, the rat incident was done using a compelling self-hypnosis recording produced by a friend Duncan McColl.

Your subconscious mind and regression.
The subconscious mind is a storehouse for all your memories past, present and future.
This is the area that is accessed in past life regression. Your unconscious mind operates with different beliefs and rules to your conscious mind, and the honest truth is that many past life memories are really not.

This is why a skilled therapist is vital to sort out the difference. There is a process called. Cryptomnesia which often leads people to believe they have past lives.

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