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Overcome Social Anxiety or Phobia
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Social anxiety or phobia affect many people in our society, most people have some form of this glitch in their life as they respond to some subconscious possibility or belief, which is often incorrect. We do tend to make things up and live as if these self-delusions are true.

It is a fear of social conditions and interactions with other people that can automatically bring on feelings and emotions of inferiority, judgement or self-consciousness. Basically, you go on
auto-pilot and do what you have habitually learnt to do. You can change this.

This often makes you afraid to do anything that may lead you to embarrass yourself in public and can lead to isolation, feeling alone and missed opportunities in your life.

The World Psychiatric Association has estimated that compared to the general population, someone who suffers from social anxiety is more likely to be single, alone and have other behavioural and social difficulties.

It can affect everyone from a child who believes, "they won't like me" to actors and performers, who in one way or other have some difficulty integrating. The driver behind this condition is, of course, the persons own subconscious fear, a desire to avoid some real or imaginary possible threat.

You can often spot when this is playing out when someone says. "It may" "It could" "It might". Social anxiety disorders are often driven by, "It may" "It could" "It might" "It will be"

So the easiest way to deal with this is to get you to feel very uncomfortable when you are in this situation, or even think about it. To attempt to get you to avoid this situation instead of learning how to overcome it and feel confident.

This often works and can manifest in a whole range of fears. From fear of public speaking to sexual performance anxiety to avoiding relationships. Most of the time you are talking to yourself and believing what those
little voices are saying to you.

If you are smart, you will fix this glitch. However, many people do not know this is possible. So they continue to enter the situation and feel very uncomfortable, and often the symptoms will escalate and may even turn in to a phobia or panic attacks.

With new hypnosis techniques, we can change the deal the with your subconscious control mind and allow this part to become more realistic and mature about it's responses to imagined events. You can learn to enjoy many social situations.

I say many social. Because there are situations in life when a little voice does say "Get out of here" and the threat is real you can learn to tell the difference and move through your world with greater confidence.

This process is often done using the fantastic self-hypnosis recordings that we offer, and you begin to learn powerful self-hypnosis techniques so that you remove the effects of your own negative self-hypnosis, internal negative dialogue and self-limiting conditioning.

For the fun of it, if you have ever said, "I know", "I can't", "It will" "It's just" "I believe" these can all be symptoms of negative self-hypnosis.

Hypnotic techniques are the primary tools used to help you to rid yourself of social anxiety, fast and effective ways for you to wipe out the old subconscious programs and glitches that often are remaining from your childhood years, just old programs that need a software update or removal.

The EFT techniques will also get you to come off your old auto-pilot responses and encourage you to take active responsibility for your emotional health and well being, you will have a powerful technique to reduce or turn off these fears when they hit you.

You will soon discover some fantastic ways that you can continue to make progress as you clean up many of the social, parental and religious conditioning that others installed in you, for their benefit, not necessarily yours. You can also learn how to remove old outdated self-conditioning in your life.

If you suffer from any form of social anxiety, fear or worry and would like help to remove it, call me.

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