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People who are not there.

One of the most common, in fact, every client and people that I meet tell me they do it, is the fantastic act of interacting with people who are not there. They are able to have arguments with someone who is not in the room with them, and this person makes them angry.

I once knew a lady like that she would talk and argue with people who the rest of us could not see. Now it did not mean that the people were not there, I have down the years seen people and talked with them that most people would not be able to see usually they are called ghosts, but that is not always the case anyway, this lady was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

When she took her medication, the people disappeared, and she was fine. Many mental illnesses can cause the ability to see, hear and interact with imaginary people. However, consider that all my clients and nearly every one I have spoken to does the same thing.

During a consultation, I like to explain hypnosis and the nature of your
subconscious mind in easy to understand ways and one of the examples I use with people is to tell them stories related to their own life.

I ask them if they have ever been in the kitchen making a cup of tea or coffee and most have.

Have you ever run or re-run an argument you have had in your head, you know with your boss or what that bitch at work said?

Most say “yes”, and then I ask them to do it for me now and they happily do so some even talk both sides of the argument theirs and the other persons. I ask them how they now feel?

They are usually all worked up and angry with the bitch.
Cool stuff.
“so were is she”?
“As far as I can see there is only you and me in this room; however you have just had an argument with someone and got very angry, you can feel it, but there is only you in the room and me.”

“ Do you do that often, you know to get your self all worked arguing with people who are not there”?

Guess what they do.

This is something you all do, the trouble is it will have adverse effects on your life and your own emotions, it also loads into your unconscious mind real false memories for future
self-sabotage. Not a good thing.

The positive side is that it shows people that they do have the power to change their state and to create any feelings they want and to experience them for real in their worlds. When I point this out to the would-be client, they get the message.

If you are able to do this then. You can create states of mind that will be reflected in your body and the emotions you feel.
You can go into your kitchen and have imaginary friends make you feel fantastic.

You can interact with people who you can learn from. Why not have a word with Richard Branson instead of the bitch at work?

You are able to go into deep, profound hypnotic states without training.

So when you learn how to do it will skill the states and feelings will be more profound.

So the question is how real does this get? Very real.

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