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Impotency and Male Sexual
Performance Anxiety
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This is an inability to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse or an inability to get an erection or stay hard, and this is more common than you might think and does affect most men at some time in their sexual life we all get it at some point, even I have experienced it.

For most men, this leads to severe anxiety,
fear, and worry and can lead to even more significant problems in your relationships with your partner or lover. We are sexual creatures after all and most desire sex and the pleasures and fun it brings.

For some men there sexual performance anxiety presents itself concerning an inability to reach orgasm only during sex with a woman, they can experience great pleasure and ejaculate while masturbating and this can lead to a great deal of confusion.

Many men wonder if there is something seriously wrong with them or even if they are turning gay or bi-sexual.

If your impotence is due to health issues or medication, then your doctor is always the person to speak to. Age also does play it's part as we get older our bodies do play some tricks on us.

Some we can overcome others we can't. However, we can learn to accept and come to terms with these changes by changing how we think. As you get older, your sex life may change.

Most sexual anxiety is the result of psychological problems or concerns, and as your mind is causing the problem, only you and the practical use of techniques both mental and emotional will result in a cure.

Hypnosis is beneficial in dealing with this problem if it is psychological or emotionally based.
Stress of some sort is usually at the cause of this problem, and you can learn to reduce side step and control how it affects you.

Psychological Causes
Around 90 per cent of anorgasmia and sexual anxiety problems in men are related to psychological issues, and performance anxiety is the number one mental problem.

Performance anxiety in this context is not necessarily related to staying power during intercourse, most men have not been taught or have not bothered to learn proper sex technique or learnt the psychological makeup of women.

One lady client once told me that her husband spent more time studying the habits of fish and fishing, than how to pleasure her. No wonder she had affairs.

Many sexual problems can and do result from Stress.
Work stress, family stress, life stresses which are why learning to handle pressure is very important in your life.

Other causes may be rooted in the development of negative attitudes towards sex; sometimes from childhood, much sexual guilt is linked to this. There is also a relationship between male anorgasmia and youth or adult sexual abuse or rape.

Marital problems, boredom within a relationship coupled with a monotonous sex life are also known contributory factors, as is directly not likening the woman you are having sex with this is not as uncommon as you might think.

One common problem occurs when a man feels he can not trust his partner and believes at some level she may be attempting to become pregnant. This fear of not wanting a child can lead some me to experience a droopy wilily.

Drugs, including alcohol, are known to impair the orgasmic response. Chronic illness and pain will have a debilitating effect on many aspects of life including your sexuality.

As you can see there are many possible causes for your problem, the first thing to do is to discover where your problem starts and then to take action to remove and change your habits so that you can once again experience a fantastic sex life.

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