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Help with Getting Better Grades.
Pass Exams Easier.

It doesn’t matter if you are at school, college or university, you can learn to use your own mind and emotions to make it easier to learn and retain information and pass exams with a higher grade and also enjoy the process.

* Reduce Your Stress
* Minimise Anxiety.
* Become More Relaxed.
* Remember More.
* Learn Faster.
* End Worry.
* Sleep Better.
* Stop Panic.

If getting better grades is your goal, and doing it with less stress and anxiety, then learning to control your own mind and studying habits is the answer.

On your way to the results, you want taking tests and modules may be part of your course and I can help you in this area. Hypnosis and NLP are used to teach you the skills you need to make the process of passing exams easier than you ever thought possible.

So How Does it Work?
Your subconscious mind is the key; this fantastic part of you controls most of who and what you are. All your beliefs, habits, options, and memories are stored and managed by your unconscious mind.

Your unconscious, subconscious mind controls all your memories and handles your ability to remember events or information and also allows you to remember chosen things, just what you need when taking an exam, test or course and this area of your mind will help or prevent you from getting the grade and grades you desire.

There are a few common problems associated with memory, which is strange considering that your
unconscious has no off switch and is on permanent record, so you should have no difficulty in accessing the information.

So how do you screw up?
Generally, we have four problems.
1. People are not taught how to remember information, and there are useful techniques for memory, just look at Darren Brown or Dominic O'Brien both of these people have super memory power.

They have both learnt and practised effective memory techniques. There are techniques to learn so that information can be remembered and recalled when needed. Have You learnt studied and practised these methods?

Emotions and Emotional Control.
Many people attempt to learn and remember information when in a sad state or mood; this will restrict the free flow of information from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind so that you can put the correct answers on the test papers and get good grades at exam time.

If you are tense or stressed this will prevent you from remembering easily.
Stress will drop your IQ and helps make your mind go blank as you get more intense negative emotions. Stress basically makes you dumb.

Self-sabotage procrastination and making excuses are all common problems associated with studying.

Setting up your state mood and intent is vital for you to remember the information later, and this is where hypnosis. EFT and NLP will help you.

Do you get worried, anxious, bored, panic, or cause vast amounts of stress around exam time?

If you do then it is wake up time, you and only you are causing these emotions and moods and states to exist in your own body, this means that you can learn to do something different.

Negative Associations to Learning.
Many clients tell me of the problems they had at school in learning, and they still have a lot of negativity associated with learning new skills and abilities.

As adults, we seem to find learning more difficult as we get older and we often make up excuses for continuing this habit, unless we set up our own brains to do it efficiently.

Negative Self Hypnosis.
This ties in very well with the above. Very few people including hypnotists and hypnotherapists have a good understanding of how hypnosis and hypnotic techniques work.

So if the average professional hypnotists are not fully aware of what they do how can the average client. Thankfully my teachers and instructors were a lot more advanced than the “average.”

Negative self-hypnosis happens when you do not go to learning or remembering entirely congruent. If you have
voices in your head that tell you;

* “This will be hard”.
* “I can’t remember”.
* “I’ll learn this later”.
* “Let’s have a cup of coffee”.
* “I’ll do it tomorrow”.
* “I can’t learn this”.
* “This is difficult”.

So if your future, your emotions, your income and happiness are important to you and you want to learn how to get better grades and pass exams easier then contact me you can learn to stop this

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