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A more in-depth explanation of hypnosis.

Many people want to know how hypnosis works and there are many theories some profoundly scientific and many not so. All the angles are just a way of attempting to understand how our brain works and how we are made up. People with problems often look to hypnosis and hypnotherapy as a way to remove the issues and change habits and in reality who they are.

You may want to take a look at how it really works. I have already covered in
Part one of this article why we often use the approach that hypnotherapists usually take.

For millions of people, it works just fine and has removed many problems and issues in life often in one session or through the use of Instant
MP3 downloads and influential self-hypnotic recordings. This may be the result of the placebo effect or because of suggestion therapy. Both of which are very effective for many people.

Both work fine and are part of every hypnotic showman's bag of tricks. It can also be because you have come across an amazingly talented and skilful hypnotist.

However, life and the human brain and our personalities are far more complex and many times are just making one change will only fix part of the issue. The trouble is many people believe in magical thinking the world is far more complicated. On this page will be many links to other pages and a few sites as some people have explained it far better than I.

You may wonder why I mention martial arts and real self-defence that goes deep into psychology and our old subconscious minds programs like I said it is far more complicated. So we shield you from this and tell you it will be comfortable and simple and will take little effort on your part often this is the case, but not always. It is also what many want to hear as they don't want to put in the time or effort to really change the quality of there lives.

Prostracanation and self-sabotage are common games people play.

In the martial arts world, we have many false concepts about self-defence and the realities of life on the streets how people interact, how their view of the world is different from yours, how they are wired differently. Then you have the physical aspects and skills needed to survive.

To be a master of martial arts and be safer and have power in your reality takes the same multiple skill sets that you need to be in control of your mental and emotional life. If you are in a family, relationship or work in an office you are aware that you need emotional and psychological protection as well.

Your Conscious Mind and
Subconscious Mind. How you use Hypnosis and Self hypnosis. To manifest your realities real or imaginary.

Your mind is made up of two parts, your conscious mind which is responsible for deduction, reasoning, logic, short-term memory and a notion of time and space. Most importantly, it is the only part of your mind that can accept or reject information or idea's you choose to place before it.

Your conscious mind can use about 17% of your brains capacity, most people use this 17% for the very effectively to get themselves what they calm they do not want.

Your goals and dreams start at your conscious levels of mind, you think about what you want and decide to go for it. However, your results, how well you do, and what you do to achieve your outcomes, does not take place at your conscious mind levels.

Unless you have a few skills under your belt and some conscious habits and approaches that help direct your control mind as far as possible.

Your subconscious mind is responsible for your emotions, thoughts, ideas, habits, outlooks, beliefs and how you chose to make some kind of meaning to your experiences in life. You do not experience life, you run everything through a subconscious system of internal filters, which change the information you notice in your internal and external worlds.

Neuro-linguistic programming maps most of these out so that you can play and become more competent at consensually manipulating them.

These two parts of your mind are different and operate under different rules, and these rules can change depending on your internal circumstances and external reality, so nothing is fixed.

Knowing how your mind's works are vital to achieving the kind of lifestyle that you desire, and often it is our own mind that prevents us from getting what we want it is almost as if our mind works against us. It does. Psychological reversal and self-sabotage.

You have no idea what those filters are processing as they are subconscious, Using techniques of hypnosis, self-understanding awareness,
eft and the angles of stoicism and practical common sense. We can find out what they are, and some of them are not supporting what you are consciously attempting to achieve.

This is because of your old programs. Many of our beliefs and assumptions about life are old. There was a time in our lives when our survival depended on others, and we noticed what they did and how they behaved to survive.

Yes, our inner child did what it took to fit in and continue to live. However many of the programs from childhood are not beneficial or suitable as an adult. We also have the problem that many adults who taught us, just did not know the stuff we need.

What you experience and how you respond in life is based on your subconscious mind’s programs. Along with your unconscious beliefs, which may be different from what you think they are.

Your mind is responsible for your
comfort zones. Those feeling of familiarity that you choose to move in. A small comfort zone will give you a little, drab life. As you continuously run into what is usual to you.

So you avoid new possibilities, and this is one of the ways you are protected. If we keep doing the same things, we will get the same results, and if this has lead to your survival, then there is a good chance you will be alive next week.

Most people have no idea how to direct, control, use and play with there minds, to expand their comfort zones and experience a far more abundant life. A hypnotist can open these possibilities up for you and present them to your control level of mind in a way that is acceptable to it. So you grow and change.

With this understanding, you can see that by changing perceptions and some of the filter systems we change your reality and life. A hypnotist will be using various techniques to do this in your unconscious mind.

So you can see that it has very little to do with just closing your eyes and breathing deeply. Although sometimes that is part of what we do. The real secret to using hypnosis is in learning how to control your own brain and thinking because most of the dangerous and harmful hypnotic trances are self-induced by you and not just once a week but 20 to 30 times a day.

Others are the results of negative suggestions that you have allowed into your mind. This is a form of conscious hypnosis used by many unsuccessful people.

Take a look at the
time lord and people who are not their page and just ask yourself. Do I do this? If you do then you are operating in a deep trance when you do and without inducing alpha brainwaves or breathing correctly and being relaxed.

We often work with areas of your mind that seem to be an inner child, and this is closer to the reality that you may think, as many of your systems were
programmed into you during childhood and when stress takes over your higher brain functions are reduced or cut off. Then you can behave like an adult child and believe in a reality that others just don’t see.

Learning how you have hypnotised your self or been hypnotised by others is an excellent way to begin to have more control over not just your external reality but also your mental and emotional life.

Fun games with hypnosis. will look at some of the fun things you can do once you get good at self-hypnosis.

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