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Cryptomnesia and Hypnosis False Memory.

Cryptomnesia can mislead clients who come to a therapist to experience past life regression or even traditional hypnotherapy. It is a healthy mental process that allows information that has previously been learnt, heard or seen to pass on to your subconscious control level of mind with no conscious memory.

This does come out often in past life regression, and many people discover that they did not live in Egypt. They got excited by a book they enjoyed when they were six, or they were watching a film, and as they did so they fell asleep, and the story just went in.

Many hypnotherapists are aware of the nature of our unconscious minds and how inaccurate memory is, in recalling memories or incidents in our lives. Often the information is distorted and the information incomplete. Just ask any police officer who has received witness statements from people about an event. Usually, they are different although the people involved all saw the same thing.

There is a beautiful scene in a film called “Strange Fruit”. The members of this band are reforming after many years and are on the tour bus recalling past gigs, and one of the members starts to tell of his most vivid memories of the concert they did at Wembley.

Looks of astonishment go through the other band members until one of them says.
“we never played Wembley.”

“What you mean my most vivid memory never happened”?


It happens, and many believed past lives are really nothing more than cryptomnesia
I have had numerous clients in my private practice regress, and part way through the memories have said to me “Paul this never happened. I’ve made it up.”

So is it all bull? Well no.
Often this possible past life experiences leads to far greater personal understanding and growth in our clients. They have issues, problems or anxieties in their lives that just disappeared as at some level of mind something is resolved, and they are now able to let go. Often the quality of the relationships in life improve.

I have known both personally and as a therapist physical problems and pains, to after coming back to this lifetime, the pain goes, the problem is gone. This can not be explained by ordinary means.

This does require us to ask just how much information are we capable of storing and through how many lifetimes if they exist and they may. The answers to this question are elusive and do make it difficult for cryptomnesia to be ruled out. It can, however, be ruled out in those cases where the information received goes way beyond the information that usually is available.
So if you are considering undergoing this adventure, please consider that what you may uncover may change your realities and beliefs either way. It is worth the experience.

Cryptomnesia and Hypnosis.

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