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Exam Stress Exam Nerves
Test Anxiety Exam Panic Attacks.

Are you feeling sick and nervous about your exams? It is very common and can easily be avoided just by you making a few changes and learning a few simple techniques and attitudes that will if you use them to allow you to feel more relaxed and confident about taking your tests.

There is nothing worse than, after all your hard study, you walk into your exam, and your mind goes blank. Your nerves and
anxiety get the better of you, and your brain stops working correctly!

Did you know that stress makes you dumb and your
IQ drops and you lose access to your higher brain functions? Not a good state to be in when taking exams.

A Hypnotherapist, based in Leamington Spa Warwickshire is here to show you just how easy it is to complete your studies and achieve the best grades with the least effort.

Teaching you to use your brain most effectively and elegantly. And you get to use the same techniques to improve other areas of your life.

Being based near one of the major University in the UK Warwick University, Paul regularly sees students at all different academic levels from the GCSE student to the students training to be Doctors and Professors.

Exams are all about proving yourself. And this usually takes place with a group of other people that want to show themselves on the same topic. For most of you, the outcome of this process of proving yourself will ultimately have an effect on the direction that your life will end up taking.

So it makes sense to get the best result you can.
Many confident and capable students freeze when placed in an exam situation, or experience test anxiety or panic. Exam nerves and test anxiety produce stress and other negative emotions like anger, fear, frustration.

Your body feels it is under attack your mind is spinning.
This is all in your mind, physical symptoms like stomach cramps or butterflies are often the result of how you are thinking. And you can quickly change how you think and feel.

Highly effective SELF EMPOWERING TOOLS & TECHNIQUES that will allow you, to beat exam stress and actually improve your mental performance. Hypnosis and NLP will give you an advantage in many areas of your study and exam results.

Your state of being able to perform at your best is one which will be integrated into your behaviour at exam time, making exam nerves a thing of the past.

Study & Pass Exams MP3 £15.00
Self Hypnosis Download.

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