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Do You Want to Stop Using Cannabis or Marijuana?
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A growing trend these days is for hypnotists to be asked to help people to avoid using this drug of choice. As you may know, it has many different names including marijuana, blow, black, shit, hash, grass and many more.

Most people get stoned, and usually feel more relaxed in the process but not all. However, there is a far better way to relax that will cost you a lot less and will not cause harmful side effects. It can be an easy fix and often is used as an excuse just to take it.

There are risks.
Over the last few years, I have known five people who had terrible side effects from using this drug. They were all young happy, healthy people before using. They were all locked away for a while, and some repeatedly go back. Not because they broke the law, no, because they were one of the few who had severe side effects.

They went to the happy farm were men in white coats gave them nasty legal drugs that they will have to take for the rest of there lives.

Psychotic behaviour and paranoia can all result from using cannabis.
One of the effects of cannabis or marijuana is heightened awareness if there is a glitch or instability in you, this can push you over the edge.

Paranoia is a common side effect of this drug along with anxiety, panic, and doom. People who have a mental health problem can make matters worse by using drugs.

Also, remember that this drug affects your short-term memory and will reduce your concentration and coordination who knows what may happen to you if you experience white-outs.

So whatever you do avoid driving, I believe the police now test for it if they stop you and suspect use. If you kill or injure someone you will get no sympathy, you knew it would do this, so you carry the can, just the same as if you drink and drive.

Many are able to use cannabis and enjoy it, and medical marijuana is rightly so, being used more often these days. There are many beneficial effects of cannabis. However, you may be here because you don't experience these. If that's the case give me a call or get the download below.

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