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Benefits of Learning Self Hypnosis.

You may have wondered. What are the benefits of learning hypnosis and more importantly how it affects your mental and emotional life?

As a hypnotist I of course what to sell you the benefits however exciting they are. So before I tell you the downsides of becoming good at self hypnosis and I will later, there are some downsides, well not really it just means you have to take the red pill.

Many people have accepted the film and stage version of hypnosis, and even many Doctors and psychologists still believe hypnosis is something it is not. If you want to look into this area, google the definition of hypnosis or how medical hypnosis is used.

Relaxation in Hypnosis.
Often deep hypnosis or trance is often associated with being relaxed. Usually, it is. Ever wondered why. Well, most people do not learn how to relax. Silly as that seams your mum or dad and especially your education has probably never taught you how to soften and relax physically.

Many things in life benefit from being done in a relaxed state physically. It tends to use up far less energy and is generally more pleasant. The physical process of relaxation is being taught more, in yoga or other systems of physical activity.

However, there is a flip side. Many people perform extreme physical stunts why appearing to be relaxed and fluid. They say they play better and they do, part of what they are doing is relaxing muscles they do not need for the skill they are doing.

If you watch children when they are doing things, you may notice they tense up In areas where they do not need to. Tong sticking out or tightness in their forehead. When writing. Why?

When I was teaching martial arts, I noticed this at every class and most times a student performed better when they understood that they could learn to move faster and with more power and energy, when they relaxed muscles they did not need to move and achieve specific goals.

It is why at higher levels of physical activities a coach or master is involved. They notice things you do not or can not perceive. They also remove earlier habits and install more effective ones.

When I was learning how to become competent around firearms and growing better at shooting one of my coaches pointed out that I was snatching the trigger. A small tiny movement was pulling a little trigger.

I was not aware of it. However, it was contributing in a big way to my placement of shots especially when I was under stress. When I relaxed my body apart from the areas, I needed tension I got a lot better.

When I was a private pilot I often when up for check rides with my instructor and also other instructors as they did not know me so would be much more critical of my skill as a pilot.

It was often pointed out to me that I was physically tense when and in places I did not need to be. So Although in most cases physical tension was required to perform I learnt only to use the pressure that was needed to play well.

One of the misunderstandings of hypnosis is that you need to be physically relaxed to be in a deep trance. Wrong. You also do not need in be in alpha brain way cycles.

Everyday ordinary people go into deep, profound self-hypnosis while physically emotionally and mentally tense and with there eyes wide open another myth of hypnosis that your eyes need to be closed.

Mental and Emotional Relaxation.
Most fear, worry and anxiety are experienced when peoples eyes are wide open, they are stressed, they are breathing faster, they have beta brainwaves. They are wide awake.

So how come they are interacting with deep, profound self-induced hypnotic trances. If it is not happening to them right now and most anxiety and worry about future events are not happening right now. How can they feel that way about imaginary events?

You may be getting the point. They are in a deep trance.
One of the most useful things I have learnt down the years is to teach a client how to control there own trances and do it when they are wide awake as that is when they usually mess themselves up.

If a client goes into a trance 40 times a day and tells themselves bad and very destructive stuff, that's over 200 negative self-induced hypnotic trances a week.

If this seems unusual just for a day notice how often you get annoyed, pissed off, tense, angry or worried. Notice how often your negative emotions or responses are affecting you.

Also notice how often the thoughts of your holiday, or a new pair of shoes, or meeting a lover or the feelings of winning the lottery excites you.

So once a week with me is not going to do much good. However, teaching a client to become aware of this and change their state allows them to achieve whatever there desired outcome is much faster. Just consider over two hundred trances a week for the good stuff.

This is also where EFT and NLP come into play. The techniques of emotional freedom therapy and technologies are fast, with practice it comes down to just a thought in most cases, just the idea of doing your drills turns off the bad feelings. Often in consultation, I will remove a thought or feeling a potential client has had for years. Just to let them experience how easy it can be.

I will do the same using one of the NLP techniques which can be even faster and more fun to play with, and it also shows them that they can turn feeling up or down just by changing there thinking. Experiencing that feeling's can be turned down or off or that pleasant feeling's can be ramped up, were you taught that by your parents or at university? Probably not.

This is often a red pill moment for many. All hypnosis at the end of the day is self-hypnosis. So the benefits of learning hypnosis and how conscious hypnosis affects your life and learning to master this skill will have profound effects on how you live and experience your worlds.

So what are the downsides of mastering or at least becoming aware of who what we do between our ears affect our every day living reality?

We learn that our thoughts are ours, we can learn to have different ideas. So if our thoughts are adversely affecting our lives and if we choose not to do anything about it.
That's our choice.

We will also understand that our emotions are ours and we can change any emotional responses to a neutral state or choose to program another feeling in its place and if we decide not to do anything about it.
That's our decision.

The bottom line is Your thoughts, your emotions, your feeling's. You're responsible for them. No one else.

This reality, of course, means you have to be responsible for you. You become accountable for your physical, mental and emotional responses.
You can no longer blame your feelings on anyone else, and if you have allowed others, through ignorance of this fact to affect your life in the past and choose not to change.
You have decided that.

For many, the downside of learning self-hypnosis is that they learn to become there own best friend and begin to understand that the world is not entirely as they were taught it is. You know how your past conditing was for the benefit of others and that you as an individual in society play a tiny part.

For the emotionally immature this can be shocking. Some chose to take the blue pill. Maybe for them, that is the correct decision as it will allow them to continue in their world as usual and life will stay the same. We are often taught that this is the best thing to do and it may be for many, as it will allow those who have taken the red pill to enjoy the pleasure they will continue to bring us.
Just a thought.

If you don't know and are curious what Blue and Red Pill are.
A clip from youtube.

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