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What do people believe who have not
accepted personal responsibility?

Every habit or behaviour has a positive intent, and even those who have not chosen to control their own life are receiving many emotional benefits, that at the moment seem sound. Many benefits can be experienced by staying a victim.

You can avoid admitting things about yourself that need changing, continue to be in denial and hope or pray that your problems will go away, You can
blame other ideas for how you are and do nothing about it, and the cool thing is that many people around you will agree with you and may even give you sympathy.

So what do these people believe and how do they see the world?
When you listen to them, you will often hear such things as:
That's just me.
It's not my fault I am the way I am.
I never asked to be born.
I want you to fix me.
I just wish.
If you loved me, you would make me happy.
It's not fair. Life is so unfair.
There is no sense in trying to take control of my life.
Why go on; I see no use in it.
Nobody can help me.
There is no way I'll ever be able to handle this.
You made me the way I am.
You made me do it.
It's your fault. Stop the world; I want to get off.
I am so depressed.
If only I had better luck and had been born to a healthier family, or attended a better school, or gotten a better job, etc.
I'm useless.
How can I ever be happy?
My parents made me what I am today!
The problems in my family; there is nothing I can do to change that.
You have to accept the luck of the draw.
No matter how hard I work, I will never get ahead.
I am who I am; there is no changing me.
It is all internal dialogue.

You may also notice certain
habits that people like this may have. They can be
martyrs, indulge in self-pitying, be depressed moody and always unhappy and complaining about something. Often they are polarity responders, you know the kind of person who still has to say the opposite.

Often they are losers and quitters, who have very little success in life, always something else's fault. So they are usually in denial. Often they have dependent personalities and will be in troubled relationships that are often co-dependent insecure and unhealthy.

You may also notice addictive personalities, so they are often using some kind of drug or stimulant and are often in denial that their physical health and weight has anything to do with them.

Please remember that at some level of mind all of this is
serving a positive intention and they are doing the best that they know how, and of course, all the above symptoms can be reversed by accepting responsibility for the life we create.

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