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Your Subconscious Mind.

Your mind has two parts. One is the conscious mind. That's the part you think you think with. Its role is that of deciding what you want. Almost like a pilot who decides where they are going. And is the subject of a separate article.

The other part of your mind is your subconscious mind. This is the part that you are usually not aware of, yet it determines how you are what you do and how you experience your world.

Your subconscious mind works to a different set of rules to your conscious mind. And most of the difficulties you experience are the result of not knowing what the rules are, and what your subconscious mind believes.

She does seem to have her own beliefs many of which were programmed into you at an early age by others and later your own unhelpful beliefs.
Just like in any relationship if you do not know your partner's rules are problems will arise.

So how does your subconscious operate?
Your subconscious does not know the difference between reality and fantasy. She can not tell the difference between what is real and what your fantasies or daydream.

She takes things literally.
She has logic however not as the conscious mind thinks.
She has a different way of experiencing time.
Does all this sound far-fetched.OK.

Have you ever been on your own and started to think about someone or something that annoyed you? And then discovered that you felt angry or upset by the way you were treated. Somehow you went from feeling fine to upset. No one else was in the room, so you did it to yourself.

You created a fantasy a daydream, your subconscious not being able to tell the difference between real and imagined, believed this was taking place now, so you got the feeling as real as if the event had taken place.

Have you ever gone into the future and brought back memories of an event that has not and may not happen. Total fantasy and you felt sad and upset. Some call this worry. Just take a moment and think about the implications of this.

Your subconscious also works differently from your conscious mind because one of the essential jobs of your subconscious is to keep mental processes unconscious.

All of your physiological processes are unconscious if you had to decide how often to breathe or take control of the pressure in your eyes. You would have no time for anything else.

She takes what you think and says to yourself literally.
Part of the deal is that your conscious mind is used to program your subconscious. Or should be. So these suggestions become a reality. It is essential for you to understand this.

Your subconscious is also the storehouse of all your emotions and memories. They come from your subconscious that is why the conscious mind has little control over your feelings unless you desire and train it.

One of the problems hypnotherapists sometimes face is that when someone has received training in an academic field, the conscious mind thinks it is in control. Very easy to disprove. What they want to change is a feeling. The realisation that they have little personal power over there emotional lives comes as quite a shock to them.

Your subconscious is taking everything literally.
Remember times when you needed to be somewhere that you did not want to be you, did not want to go? And you could not find your car keys. Somehow you negatively hallucinated away your keys so even though they were in front of you, they became invisible.

Your sub-con understood that you did not want to go as it would cause you discomfort and worked out that if it hid the keys from you. Problem solved.

I remember a personal incident when I agreed to help a friend and did not want to. I was driving to pick him up and did not want to and was thinking of all the excuses I could make. I have learnt to be different that was old conditioning to be friendly, kind, helpful and lie to others about your feelings

My passenger shouted “BREAK.” I turned and asked her why? As we hit the car in front. Now I take great pride in the fact that I am a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists., a ROSPA driver and have done courses on defensive driving and anti-hijacking.

What happened?
My subconscious mind took the request to find a way not to help that day and found a way to manifest my desire in the world. Logic.

Many of the rules we live by were great for a younger us but are very unhelpful for us adults. The beliefs we have about the world and ourselves are often untested and illogical. Many people believe stupid things.

Clearing out your old programs and conditioning learning about your assumptions and how they affect you and changing the unhelpful one.
Updating your mental and emotional skills Will change your life.

Our subconscious mind can become our own best friend. Having voices that encourage and support you inside your mind makes for a far more pleasant experience.

Knowing how you create fear and worry and stress no only allows you to remove it. It also allows the inside of your mind to be a funfair. So that instead of creating pain you create ecstasy.

You are after all going to live with it for the rest of your life.
Just a thought.

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