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We all get anxiety and maybe nervous from time to time, and that can be a good thing, a gentle reminder that something needs our attention. It is a mood that can often be fired off, or so it seems by no obvious danger or threat, just a sense of uneasiness.

So it is different to fear which is usually triggered by a perceived threat real or imaginary. So it is a distinction between future vs present dangers which divides anxiety and fear.

While it stays at this low-level nothing much happens if you are switched on and do something about it. At this stage it is just feeling uneasy, may be of apprehension or nervousness.

If you are switched on you change your state, breath, recognise the signal and take action, problem solved. We all get these feelings, even me I have had anxiety many times today, let me give you an example.

I was about to go for a bike ride earlier, I was outside a ready to set off when a little feeling of uneasiness started to begin in my body. I checked the bike over, and everything was fine, checked I had my keys and ID, what was it, something amiss.

So I asked my
subconscious mind what it was, you can learn to do this, clear as a bell I saw an image of my phone. So I locked my bike up and came back in. Checked the phone and discovered that I had forgotten to turn on the answer phone.

Problem sorted, and this is the kind of thing I mean, that low-level anxiety is just a signal that something needs your attention. While you keep it at this stage nothing, much happens. Many times in life it can be likened to intuition. Useful to develop.

But what happens if we do nothing and ignore the signals, well then it can develop and grow, into something that is not helpful and may well dramatically affect our lives.

Almost like a partner or boss who says you need to do X. Later they ask you again have you done it? No. So they ramp up the stimulus. If you still don't do it, they may then start to shout or cause you other annoyances until you do what you must.

Your subconscious mind will ramp up the stimulus to get your attention, this can include feelings of nausea, stomach aches, headaches, and tension, your body is now attempting to get you to deal with a threat to you, so things like your heart rate and blood pressure may well increase. Your emotional states may also change,

To quote Wikipedia.
"Anxiety does not only consist of physical effects; there are many emotional ones as well. They include "feelings of apprehension or dread, trouble concentrating, feeling tense or jumpy, anticipating the worst, irritability, restlessness, watching (and waiting) for signs (and occurrences) of danger, and, feeling like your mind's gone blank" as well as "nightmares/bad dreams, obsessions about sensations, deja vu, a trapped in your mind feeling, and feeling like everything is scary.

You will them have allowed it to change into something different.
Once you get scared your mind and body will move you into a
whole new set of responses. Once you get a stress response and fear comes in to play, it has stepped up to the next level, and when this happens, you get a whole lot of different things to take place in your mind.

This may be the stage you are now in, it's just your own mind telling you that you have to do stuff. If you need help give me a call or get the reduce stress mp3 this recording will allow some of the symptoms to be turned down and get you into a state where you will begin to take action so that you fix the problem.

Your anxiety has a reason for being. It's just your subconscious mind's way of telling you that something needs fixing. Those anxious, panicky feelings are really just the symptoms, deal with the cause and take action and they will go, as what is driving them has been taken away you will also find that your negative internal dialogue will stop.

Dealing with stuff does take personal responsibility.

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